The Leading villas of Bali
Private Villa Holidays
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For more Data as well as Pictures Please Click on any one of the pictures below

Luxury Private Villa SY001

3 Bedrooms

Luxury Bali Villa SY002

2 - 3 Bedrooms

Bali Villas SY003

1 Bedroom

Luxury Villas SY004

2 Bedrooms

Villa SY005

2 Bedrooms

Luxury Bali Villas SY006

2 Bedrooms

Luxury Bali Villa SY007

4 Bedroom

Bali Villas SY008

4 Bedroom

Luxury Private Villa SY009

4 Bedroom

Boutique Villas SY010

3 Bedroom

Villa SY011

4 Bedroom

Bali Villa St. SY012

4 Bedroom

Luxury Bali Private Villas SY013

4 Bedroom

Luxury Villa SY014

4 Bedroom

Luxury Seminyak Villas SY015

5 Bedroom

Number of Pages of Seminyak Villas over the next 5 pages are a complete set of excellent Bali rental properties, hand chosen for the perfect Villas Holiday

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Bali is a serene haven so beautifully placed to be a holiday hotspot on the global map., A place full of attractions, excellent surf, fantastic beaches and elegant restaurants and a weather pattern renowned and predictable. Seminyak boasts some of the best restaurants here on the paradise Isle, Seminyak steeped in stunning holiday Villas, sophisticated boutiques, and a vibrant night scene.  

Des Indes one Seminyak Bali  Villa SY003  Villa SY002 Villa SY001  Villa SY006  Villa SY005 Villa SY004  Villa SY009  Villa SY008 Villa SY007  Villa SY012  Villa SY011 Villa SY010  Villa SY015  Villa SY014 Villa SY013

Select one of the tabs here to choose the region you wish your Villa to be.  If you are looking for a dream villa Seminyak then look at the Seminyak tab etc..


Registered Address:

Jalan, Pulau Adi VI no 21B, Denpasar Bali


+ 62 361 862 7373  /  + 62 81 337 8311 83


The Leading villas of Bali