The Leading villas of Bali
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Private Luxury Villas Sanur

Registered Address:

Jalan, Pulau Adi VI no 21B, Denpasar Bali


+ 62 361 862 7373  /  + 62 81 337 8311 83


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Villas Triptolemus 3 Bedroom

Bali Private Villa Sanur

Villas Salmoneus - 3 Bedroom

Bali Private Villa

Villas Midus 3 Bedroom

Bali Private Villa

Villas Asclepius 2 Bedroom

Bali Private Villas

Villas Bellerophon 3 Bedroom

Bali Private Villas

Bali Private Villas

Villas SN007 - Complex

1, 3, 4 and 8 Bedroom

Villa Holidays

Bali Villa Holidays - Close by Sanur is the Bali Safari and Marine Park

My recent trip was another hot day in Paradise. A day that I spent at the Bali Safari Park, which I have to say was an amazing experience, one that was educational as much as it was enjoyable.  This Safari park prides itself on its educational programs which are designed and developed to informs us of ways to ensure that we the public live in harmony with our environment, an environment that we share with many other species. For this safari is home to many endangered and near extinct species, for its a safari that prides itself on its breeding programs to ensure as best it can that the blood lines continue.  The safari, predominantly a park for wild life (animals and birds) it also has a very informative Aquarium, with many types of fish including the infamous Piranha's.  As you walk around this park there are many places to seek out a cooling breeze as there are mist showers along many walk ways.  There are motorized enclosed air conditioned excursions that you can take which pass through the enclosures housing many of the wild and more aggressive animals.

The park has many lodges all of good quality that you are able to stay in.  The lodges back onto the carefully secured enclosures that house the many lions, tigers etc..  Also within the park are many restaurants, these are available for light or for the larger appetite meals.   The one that we chose is situated in the centre of the park as it had many glass walls which opened onto the lion enclosure.  The lions with all their status together with the male magnificent manes did not disappoint as they stayed close to the glass, perhaps because the building provided some shade.

All in all a great day out here in Bali and one that I highly recommend.

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Villa SN001  Villa SN002  Villa SN003 Villa Salmoneus Villa Midus Villa Triptolemus  Villa SN005  Villa SN006 Villa SN004 Villa SN007 Villa Bellerophon Villa Asclepius The Leading villas of Bali